JABRA STYLE SEASON Hip Hop Festival – Krakow

Jabra Style Season vol. 2 Hip Hop festival – 4,5,6 April 2014 Krakow, Poland. As Polskee Flavour we traveled the whole world taking part in the best events. From our experience we believe that a perfect jam needs just 3 things! Illest music, dope venue and positive people with passion. We already have best music artists and dope underground club. To make Style Season Festival an unforgettable event we need only YOU!

Come to Krakow. Be a part of the best Hip Hop jam in this city. Come to cypher. Battle. Support the best dancers from central/eastern Europe. Check the graffiti artist outside the club. Give yourself an increadible music experience served from THE FLUE live band and our DJ’s. Come day before to be a part of hip hop disscusion pannel and to represent in the circles at the pre Party. Stay one day longer and take workshops from our special guests. come just to have fun.
Sobota, 5 kwietnia / Saturday 5th april:


Miejsce / Place:

Klub Forty Kleparz, ul. Kamienna 2-4; 30-001 Kraków

Z dworca głównego ok 10-15 min spacerem. / From the main train/bus station 10-15 minutes walk.

Kategorie / Categories:

3 vs 3 Breaking battle

2 vs 2 Popping battle

2 vs 2 Hip Hop battle

7 to smoke KIDZ (breaking)


FLUE live band

Dj Smirnoff (Russia)

Dj Plash (Poland)

Rap concerts:




Breaking 3 vs 3 & 7 to smoke KIDZ

Mr. Wiggles – Rock Steady Crew/Electric Boogaloos (USA)
Xisco – Hustle Kidz (Holand)
Mefo – Funky Masons/Polskee Flavour (Poland)

Popping 2 vs 2 & Hip Hop 2 vs 2:

Mr. Wiggles – Rock Steady Crew/Electric Boogaloos (USA)
Ania Youya Jujka -Step Dealers (Poland)
Temps – Funky Masons (Poland)

Prowadzenie / Hosts:

Ryfa – Twoja Stara Team & Rademenez – Tabasco Break Rebels

Nagrody / Prizes:

1st place Breaking 3vs3 – 2500pln cash + 2000pln prizes
2nd place Breaking 3vs3 – 900pln cash + 1500pln prizes

1st place Hip Hop 2vs2 – 1500pln cash + 1200pln prizes
2nd place Hip Hop 2vs2 – 500pln cash + 1000pln prizes

1st place Popping 2vs2 – 1500pln cash + 1200pln prizes
2nd place Popping 2vs2 – 500pln cash + 1000pln prizes

7 to smoke KIDZ winner – darmowy obóz letni Catch The Flava

Start – 14:00 – ???

Graffiti Jam – 11:00 – ???

Program imprezy wkrótce / Schedule of the jam soon..

Zapisy na contesty / registration:


Wpisowe & wjazd / Entry & Registration fee:

20 PLN / 5 Euro – osoba/person


w tym samym klubie / same club – info soon..

WARSZTATY Z GOŚĆMI / WORKSHOPS (saturday & sunday)

Mr. Wiggles, Xisco:

Patronat medialny RMF MAXXX.

Questions, contact:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/492554587515744/