International Street Culture Festival „URBANSTYLE 2013”

Date: 25.05.2013. Place: Daugavpils, Latvia – Central park &Skatepark Time: 12:00 „URBANSTYLE 2013” – it is V International Street Culture Festival that combines the most popular street culture directions like: Street Dance (breakdance & hip-hop), Extreme (Inline, Skateboard, BMX), Graffiti, Rap Music (MC, Freestyle), Street Gymnastics. The festival will be held on the big stage in the central park, where during the day will take place different competitions.
Judges of URBANSTYLE 2013 Streetdance category are professional dancers and multiple competitions winners and judges of different international tournaments.

All festival winners will get prizes and gifts.

STREETDANCE categories:

1. Dance SHOW – there could be choreos in dance styles like Streetdance (hip-hop, breakdance, locking, popping, krump, c-walk), Clubdance (house, waacking, vogue), Show dance (modern, jazz, ballet).
2. Hih-Hop 1×1 battle – individual hip-hop dancers’ competitions (battles).
3. House Dance 1×1 Battle – individual house dancers’ competitions (battles).
4. Breakdance Dance 1×1 Battle – individual breakdancers’ competitions (battles).
5. Waacking Dance 1×1 Battle – individual Waacking dancers’ competitions (battles).

JUDGES of “URBANSTYLE 2013” Streetdance category:

*** more information about the judges – a bit later …

Participation & Registration

Participation Fee – 5.00 Euros per Person.

Participation Fee going on prize money for Winners of Hip-Hop 1×1 Battle and Breakdance 1×1 Battle from membership fees in these categories.

Regisrtation is open until 20.05.2013. APPLICATION FORM for participation is in the ANNEX!!!

Send your filled APPLICATION FORMS on an e-mail: labeled STREETDANCE.

“STOPTIME Dance Studio” and YOUTH DEPARTMENT of Daugavpils City Council.

Aleksandr Luksha “Sanchezz”, t. +371-22307407
Evita Luksha “Trinity”, t. +371-29149918; +371-27028209