Summer Street Groove 2012

Liepos 21d. Lenkijoje, Węgorzewo mieste vyks jau nebepirmą kartą organizuojamas Summer Street Groove 2012.

Registracija atidaryta: Šiek tiek informacijos anglų kalba:

After succes of the first edtion we decidet create next event which will be happening on 21st of July. Organizers of the first edition created an association called “GroovON”. The main goal of the association is Summer Street Groove project. This year jury wont be just from poland. We will have some abroad judges and they will estimate experience of participants and on the next day they will guide workshops. In this edition we have created system of the “Great8” which include eight great dancers of each category. The Great8 will be battling with participants selected from eliminations. This year you can win not only great awards but the title “The best of the bests” too! Prepere skills! It will be outstanding!


This year to pull up standard of the battles we have decided to choose GREAT 8 for each category. Trought the elimination judges will choose another 8 which will face Great8!

Great8: Hip-Hop:
-Jacek Bajor

-Alkowy Funkowy


– Hip-Hop 1vs1
– Popping 1vs1
– Locking 1vs1
– Hip-Hop Crew Best Show (max. 4people)
+ two crews choseen by judges will face in Hip-Hop Crew Battle


– FRANQEY – France

– POOGI – Sweden

– BIENIO (KIF/UF) – Poland

– EDWIN – Poland

MC: Dolar

Dj: Ardziey

Awards of Summer Street Groove 2012:

Best Show
1. (???)

Crew vs Crew
1.: 500zł, statuette, stuff prizes
2.: statuette, stuff prizes

Hip-Hop 1vs1
1.: 300zł, statuetki, stuff prizes
2.: statuette, stuff prizes
3.: statuette, stuff prizes

Popping 1vs1
1.: 300zł, statuette, stuff prizes
2.: statuette, stuff prizes
3.: statuette, stuff prizes

Locking 1vs1
1.: 300zł,statuette, stuff prizes
2.: statuette, stuff prizes
3.: statuette, stuff prizes


Entry Fee:
Categories 1vs – 5zł ( 10zł-on the day of event)
All Styles-10zł(Crew) (20zł- on the day of event)

Schedule of Summer Street Groove:

Elimination hall

10:00 Start of participants registeration and confirmation of participation. Viewers can enter elimination hall after 12am after end of the registeration. Becouse of limited places people with tickets enter first.

12:15- Start of eliminations Hip-Hop 1vs1 and Crew vs Crew
13:00- Start of eliminations Licking 1vs1
14:00- Start of elimiations Popping 1vs1
15:15- Break and announce results of the eliminations round.
15.45- Battles to enter finals on on main stage.

Main Stage Finals

19:00- Final on the Main Stage (Judges showcase, Beatbox showcase, Final battes on 1st 2nd and 3rd place, giving awards, official ending, concerst: Analiza, Żyt Toster, PIH)

Shedule might change in case of amount of participants.

The workshops will have place next day after main battles (22nd July start 11:00 Klub 11 Pułku Artylerii – Military Casino – Bema st.)
1:00-12:30 Class 1 Fraqey(Popping)- 1,5h/40zł(person)
12:40-14:10 Class 2 Poogi (Hip-Hop) 1,5h/30zł(person)

Applications for workshops we take on the site: